Dr. Ira Kulkarni

My parents were great devotees of Shree Swami Samarth Maharaj. Hence even I was brought up under the shelter of his mercy. To gain Swami’s love and to be able to preserve it is the matter of fate.

After marriage when I relocated to Vadodara and when I came to know that we have a Swami Samarth Maharaj Math here too, I was fully astonished. From depth of my heart I felt that it was not mere a coincidence. My belief in Swami Maharaj is as equal as my own existence.

We face a lot many difficulties in our personal as well as professional life, but because of His Darshan we indeed find the way out, this is my own experience.

" भिऊ नकोस मी तुझा पाठीशी आहे " this sacred mantra can help us to cross the ocean of the life, so keep chanting name of Swamiji keeping all your worries aside and have a peaceful life!!

Shri Date

I visit Swami Samarth Math from 1992. During the discussion about Anubhavas of Swami Samarth Maharaj with other devotees my faith became even stronger in him.

On the date of 14.01.2007 my father, who was 89 years old was reading a newspaper in gallery. One of the pages flew away and fallen down in stairs. He went to pick that page but he slipped from stairs and had a savior injury. I heard some sound but then I neglected it as it was Uttarayan. I was doing puja of Swamiji when this accident happened. When I saw him drenched in blood I could not believe on my eyes. He was bleeding a lot from head. We took him to S.S.G. hospital and while leaving home, we prayed to Swamiji to help us out.

In spite of several stitches his blood was not stopping. We begged Swamiji for His mercy and then a miracle happened. When doctor came out he said, “Your father is out of danger now”. That was the moment when I realize that “He always comes running to help his children.”

Meeta Patel

My Husband’s both the kidneys failed and we were suggested kidney transplant operation from Nadiad Hospital for him. I was ready to give my kidney for him. I was supposed to undergo many tests here in Vadodara. I went to Swami Samarth Math and Prayed to Swamiji that my kidney should get matched with him. The expense of my operation was 60,000/- and for him it was 12, 00,000/-. The next day we both went for an operation. We had our operation at 9:00 a.m. but we waited for 4 hours. When we inquired, we came to know that my husband’s kidneys started working!! Initially it was responding 15% percent then gradually he started recovering..

My husband used to take 27 pills a day and now he is perfectly alright. I just prayed to Swamji that our kidneys should be matched, but see his grace and blessings showered upon us. My Husband's operation was cancelled.

How Gracious and Merciful our Swamiji is!!